Irish Studies in Britain

For those who are interested in these things: just published is a new volume called Irish Studies in Britain, delicately edited by Brian Griffin and Ellen McWilliams, and containing a good variety of essays historical and literary, including one of mine called ‘The Curlew and the Abbey: Peter Warlock and W.B.Yeats’.

out now!

Buy it here now! Ok, don’t get too excited. Anyway, here is an unbiased assessment:

“This lively collection of essays offers illuminating rereadings of modern Irish literature. It is often interdisciplinary in scope, but is meticulous rather than modish in its methdologies, drawing on the rich interplay between literary, musical, filmic and historical texts. Its diversity of subject and theme creates a collection that, far from being disparate, diagnoses a series of competing tendencies in twentieth and twenty-first century Irish literature: between the innovative and the inherited, the high and low, the real and the mythic, the appropriated and the imposed. The 1916 Uprising is a historical touchstone that prompts a series of revealing responses; the essays on Irish modernism and music also offer striking and informative reassessments of the prevailing critical consensus. Scrupulously and sensitively edited throughout, it offers a welcome intervention in the ongoing reconsideration and re-evaluation of modern Irish Literature, and is an excellent resource both for students and scholars in the field”.

—Dr. William May, Research Fellow in Humanities, University of Southampton

‘The Curlew and the Abbey: Peter Warlock and W.B.Yeats’, Irish Studies in Britain, ed. Brian Griffin and Ellen McWilliams (Sunderland: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010), 173-191. (buy)

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  1. […] *STOP PRESS* version of this talk now published as an article in Irish Studies in Britain, ed. Brian Griffin & Ellen McWilliams. (buy here) […]

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