Just say no

We interrupt these whimsical literary musings with a non-party political broadcast..

 Come on Ireland, just say NO! Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher is a man who

a) in 2009 gave himself an illegal tax-evading interest-free loan of €82, 829 from his public speaking company to his personal account. His accountants noticed and informed him he was breaking the law. He now claims this was an accidental clerical error. This is either corrupt or a matter of the most enormous incompetence (the loan was worth 70% of the company).

b) claimed that he with his cable expertise company, subcontractors of big property developers, to have created 100 jobs. He admitted yesterday that in the downturn he had to get rid of 80 people. That’s 20 jobs then Sean. Hardly Microsoft. And having been sacked twice yourself you’ll know tough it is. Let’s bring this entrepreneurial spirit to the Aras.

c) boasted in January 2009 of ‘a long record of involvement and commitment to Fianna Fail over the past 30 years’. Nothing wrong with this, except then to serve on the National Executive of Fianna Fail for two years, resigning in January 2011, and then to run as an ‘independent’ presidential candidate 5 months later following the March election meltdown is hardly credible. The same January 2009 letter remembers ‘I first served on the National Executive with Charlie Haughey in 1985-1987’, and notes his work as Political Secretary to Rory O’Hanlon as Fianna Fail Minister for Health and Minister for the Environment, and as a ‘full time’ fundraiser for the party ‘in Fianna Fail headquarters’. These are not the actions of a ‘grass-roots’ member, which he claims to be.

d) lied yesterday on live television.  He claimed he did not organise and personally collect donations for a 2008 Fianna Fail fundraiser. He did. Under closer questioning he then panicked, and eventually backtracked. He was forced to admit driving to a house to drop off photographs of the event. He still denied accepting there a €5000 donation. Under further pressure he admitted he might have taken a brown envelope. Ye Gods. It seems the businessman involved was also a convicted criminal.

It doesn’t matter who people vote for but surely, surely no voting  preferences should go to this man. From his own testimony he is a liar, a crook, and an ‘independent’ candidate who is fact an influential executive and fundraiser for a corrupt political party whose decisions condemned Ireland to economic armageddon.

Here are reputable printed sources for a) the illegal loan

c) the Fianna Fail connection

d) the €5000 donation

For b) visit here

and for all of these stories here’s a link to the RTE Frontline Presidential debate

Remember Zammo, Ireland. Just say no. Don’t listen don’t listen to anyone else. All you gotta do is be yourself.

~ by thebicyclops on October 25, 2011.

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